Hummingbird Gen 2

The Hummingbird Gen 2 is a compact high rate of fire primary blaster in an SMG style package. It features standard AR-15/M4 grip and mill-spec buffer tube stock compatibility to conform to any user's ergonomic preferences. The dual-stage trigger provides simple operation while allowing control of flywheel motor rev to the user. An internal autosear allows for a 20 darts per second fire rate on a 3S LiPo battery without needing a microcontroller. 


  • Dual-stage single trigger operation
  • AR-15/M4 grip compatibility
  • Mill-spec buffer tube stock compatilbity
  • Full length top picatinny rail
  • Optional side picatinny rails
  • Large chamfered magwell
  • Fits 3S LiPo batteries up to 950mAh 


Length: 480-550mm
Height: 175mm
Width: 84mm
Weight: 1097g
Muzzle Velocity: 150 FPS
Rate of Fire: 20
Magazine Compatibility: Worker Angled Talon Magazines

Build Guide

The parts list and assembly instructions are documented here.

Authorized Retailers

Frontline Foam