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Foam Propulsion Designs

Assembled Blaster - Hummingbird Gen 2

Assembled Blaster - Hummingbird Gen 2

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The Hummingbird Gen 2 is a compact high rate of fire primary blaster. These assembled blasters are printed and assembled on order. 

Assembled blasters are built using:

  • Kepler Flywheels
  • Out of Darts Kraken Motors
  • Neutron Solenoid
  • Magpul MOE-K2 grip
  • Magpul Mill-Spec MOE Carbine Stock

By default, the blaster is configured to be fully automatic with a fire rate of 20 darts per second. It may instead be assembled as a semi-automatic blaster as an option. 

The primary color is used for the main body. The secondary color is used for the foregrip, rails, and buffer tube. The tertiary color used for the muzzle, magazine release, and trigger. 

Foam Propulsion Designs uses Protopasta HTPLA. To view examples of the color options, refer to the Protopasta website. If a desired Protopasta color is not available as an option, contact us to potentially have it added to the list. 

This listing includes the blaster only. No darts, magazines, LiPOs, or chargers are included. The blaster is compatible with 18 round Worker Angled Talon magazines and short darts. The battery compartment is sized for the Out of Darts 3S 950mAh Graphene LiPo

NOTE: Magpul accessories cannot be shipped outside of the United States. International orders will ship without grip and stock, and the order will be partially refunded to account for the difference. 


Protopasta HTPLA

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