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Kestrel - Fastener and Spring Kit

Kestrel - Fastener and Spring Kit

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Fasteners and springs used to construct a Kestrel.

  • 3x45mm dowel pin: 2pc
  • 3x36mm dowel pin: 7pc
  • 3x30mm dowel pin: 2pc
  • 3x24mm dowel pin: 1pc
  • 3x20mm dowel pin: 2pc
  • M3 heat-set insert: 3pc
  • M2x4 screws: 4pc
  • M3x14 screws: 2pc
  • M3 thumbscrew: 1pc
  • M4x5 screws: 4pc
  • M4x10 screws: 2pc
  • Long compression spring: 1pc
  • Short compression spring: 1pc



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